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Parallel Lines

This program is for those entrepreneurs that are almost ready for the 6-month acceleration programme but need some more support to get them there.

During this 6-month program, entrepreneurs will have access to:
3 months of strategic planning coaching
3 months of finance coaching
Investment readiness boot camp
6 hours of 1-on-1 investment pitch preparation

6 Month Quick Scale Bundle





Skills Training, Operational Effectiveness, Cash Management, Cost Management, Hiring, Training and Development

Branson Centre of Entrepreneurship Caribbean

Branson Centre of Entrepreneurship Caribbean

Branson Centre Caribbean offers acceleration for entrepreneurs in the scale-up phase. The team is equipped with a laser-sharp focus of addressing the unique challenges of entrepreneurship in the Caribbean and works diligently to empower entrepreneurs to bolster their businesses and become globally competitive and contribute to the region’s social, cultural, environmental and economic development.

9-11, Barbican Rd, Kingston, Jamaica


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