Parallel Lines

BEEP aims to assist MSMEs in improving their business risk rating, thereby facilitating their access to finance under preferential arrangements. The training is supported by a network of other Business Support Organizations. Through monthly workshops, the initiative's overall objective is to generate the following impacts:

More formalized MSMEs
Better business practices
Improved MSME Business Risk Rating
Improved access to financing
Increased productivity, competitiveness and profitability of MSMEs to increase their positive contribution to Jamaica's economic growth and development.

Business Entrepreneurial Empowerment Programme (BEEP)





Skills Training, Utilizing Technology in Business, Cash Management

Institute of Law & Economics

Institute of Law & Economics

ILE is a private non-profit organization that was established to foster collaboration, innovation, research, consultancy, public education and discussion between the legal and economic professions, with a view of promoting a multi-disciplinary approach to sustainable development locally and in the Caribbean Region.

Altamont Cres, Kingston, Jamaica



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