Must be a farmer growing to export and/or supply processing companies. Training is also provided to the MSMEs that are involved in farming activities and value-added production,


Parallel Lines

Through this programme, RADA, in partnership with MICAF, aims to give the proper guidance and support to farmers in achieving compliance with Good Agricultural Practices (GAPs). They achieve this by assessing on-farm infrastructure along with training focused on food safety, Integrated Pest Management (IPM), safe use and disposal of pesticides and record keeping. MICAF also has the responsibility to provide support and guidance to local exporters of fresh produce in achieving and maintaining compliance with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs).

Food Safety Modernisation Act (FMSA) Crops and Livestock



Agriculture & Livestock, Food and Beverage


Operational Effectiveness, Skills Training

Rural Agricultural Development Agency

Rural Agricultural Development Agency

RADA is committed to promoting the development of agriculture in Jamaica, as the main engine of economic growth in rural communities, through an efficient, modern and sustainable extension service which will enhance the national economy and improve the quality of life of rural farm families.

Hope Gardens, Kingston, Jamaica


1-888-ASK RADA

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