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FAJ Investment is a group of angel investors that may be interested in your business and would, therefore, fund its early development for it to achieve its fullest potential of operating on a large scale and satisfying needs and wants of the market.

First Angels Investment



The business idea must be innovative as they are focused on ideas in the digital applications, digital media, the creative industries and other innovative business fields.

Documents Required

Key Documents, Financial Data, Proper Business Plan , etc.

Application Process

To apply, it must be done by accessing the website: The application is screened by the Manager and if the venture looks like one that members might be interested in, a face-to-face or telephone/Skype meeting is arranged by the Manager with the entrepreneur.
The entrepreneur may be invited to attend a 1-day training session.
The Manager reviews the business plan and pitch and may provide coaching to help make improvements.
The entrepreneur may be invited to make a pitch presentation to the Angels and field questions.
If the Angels agree to invest, a due-diligence investigation of your company and your team begins
If the due diligence is positive, the negotiation of the investment terms and valuation begins.
If the negotiation is successful, the Manager issues a “Capital Call” to the members.
It is important to bear in mind that at any stage along this process, the Angels may decline to invest in your venture, for one reason or another.

Other Information


First Angels Ja

FirstAngelsJA (FAJ) is a group of angel investors investing together and sharing resources to help fund one's business. Members of FAJ are interested in financing privately held companies or ventures typically in an early stage of development.

First Angels Ja








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