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The DBJ's Energy Audit Grant Programme provides a grant to Micro, Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (MSME) to conduct an energy audit of their facility. The main objective of the programme is to assist MSMEs to make informed decisions regarding Energy Efficiency Measures (EEM) or Energy Opportunity Measures (EOM) and their associated energy-saving potential. The purpose of an energy audit (sometimes called an ‘energy assessment or ‘energy study) is to determine where, when, why and how energy is used in a facility, and to identify opportunities to improve efficiency. Energy auditing services under the DBJ’s Energy Audit Grant Programme is conducted with Certified Energy Managers (CEMs), also referred to as Energy Auditors. The Energy Auditor leads the audit process and has to work closely with building owners, staff and other key participants throughout their respective organizations to ensure accuracy of data collection and appropriateness of energy efficiency recommendations.












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The applicant must be an MSME.

The applicant must meet the following conditions to benefit from the program:
1. They must have a signed contract for services with the scope of work and quotation from the Energy Auditor.
2. Audits must be conducted by CEMs listed on DBJ’s website.
3. Applicant must not have benefitted previously from an energy audit grant from DBJ.
4. All applicants are subject to a request for information by the DBJ to assess the impact of the energy audit grant programme.
5. Applicant must not be a start-up.

Documents Required

Application Form

Agreement document

Supporting Documents (Determined by the DBJ upon receipt of application)

Letter of Commitment (if Cost of Audit service exceeds J$200,000)

Application Process

Applicant selects energy auditor from the list of approved Certified Energy Managers.

Agreement made between applicant and Energy Auditor.

Completed Application and Agreement then submitted to the DBJ.

DBJ reviews application and issues award (or refusal) letter to applicant.

DBJ issues letter of commitment to the Auditor to cover cost of audit.

Other Information

Exemptions to the Criteria
If an Applicant is ineligible, other circumstances may be considered at arriving at a favourable position. If the applicant does not fulfil the listed criteria and any one of the following fits the circumstance of the applicant, then the DBJ may:
• The entity has provided sufficient evidence that the Audit Report will support its application for loan financing.
• Audits relating to feasibility studies of a non-operational entity regarding alternative generation and/or renewable generation are deemed ineligible unless sufficient evidence is presented supporting its application for loan financing or grant financing from donor agencies.
• The entity is committed to implementing the renewable and/or energy efficiency measures recommended in the Audit report within four (4) months from the date of receipt of the Audit Report.

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