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The Biz Recovery Lifeline Loan is part of the COVID-19 Lifeline Loans created by the JNSBL as a response to the pandemic. The purpose is to reschedule or refinance loans for clients who have suffered significant losses to business due to the effects of Covid-19 during the recovery period. The repayment period is 9 months to 3 years. The loan offers a moratorium up to 6 installments (moratorium on principal only). The loan features 3 installment cycles available : Weekly, Fortnightly & Monthly. The options for collateral are: Household appliances and furniture, Hypothecation of Deposits, Equipment used in business and Motor Vehicle.

Biz Recovery Lifeline Loan



Must be over the age of 18 years

Employed Persons must be permanently employed for at least 1 year and confirmed in their current position for at least 6 months

Self-employed Persons must be in operation for at least 6 months

Documents Required

• A completed pre-application form – forms are available at all JNSBL offices.
• Valid identification (passport, drivers’ license or national ID).
• Taxpayer Registration Number (TRN)
• Two (2) passport size photographs
• One (1) written character reference from any of the following: Justice of the Peace, School Principal, Pastor, Senior Police Officer
• Two Telephone References OR 4 telephone references where client is unable to get a written reference
• Proof of address (utility bills or verification forms signed and sealed by a Justice of the Peace).
• If permanently employed – Payslips from last 3 months and job letter from employer
• If self-employed – Proof of recent business transaction (invoices, receipts, bank statements, photo of business etc.)
• Letter of request from Client
• Completed application form
• Updated business documents (motor vehicle documents, license, permits, etc.)

Application Process


Other Information

Jamaica National Small Business Loan Limited

JN Bank is Jamaica’s first mutually-owned commercial bank, 100 per cent held by its savers and borrowers.Invigorated with the values and principles of its predecessor, the Jamaica National Building Society, JN Bank is underpinned by nearly a century and a half of rich history and legacy, which it continues to build on as a member of The Jamaica National Group. JN Bank is committed to the success of Jamaicans, through bold initiatives, products and services that instil confidence and create extraordinary experiences.

Jamaica National Small Business Loan Limited

32 1/2 Duke Street, Kingston

Telephone: (876) 948-7454-5

Whats App #: (876) 295-1298






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