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The BizBoost loan assists small and medium-sized businesses engaged in value-added activities to acquire fixed assets (except real estate) and working capital. Loans will be made to individuals or registered entities (Sole Proprietorship, Partnership or Registered Company).






Agriculture & Livestock, Manufacturing, Transporting






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The loan is specifically for barbers, hairdressers, make-up artists, nail technicians & Spas

Applicant should be employed to current place of employment for at least 12-months

Business should be in operation for at least 6 months

Documents Required

Certified copy Certificate of Incorporation
Certified copy Articles of Association
Certified copy of TRN of the Company, its Directors and Managers
NIS Number of the Company & Directors/Managers
Resolution to Borrow

Certified copy Business Registration Certificate
Partnership Agreement
NIS & TRN number for Partnership
TRN for Partners & NIS numbers

Business Registration Certificate/ Registered farmer with RADA, (Letter from RADA)
TRN and NIS numbers for the Owner of the Business

Financial Statements for the last three (3) years
Copy of the latest Tax Compliance Certificate (TCC) for loans above $2 million
Personal Statement of Affairs (Form is provided by JNSBL)
A Certificate of Good Standing from the Registrar of Companies (For Companies only)
Credit Report from present Bankers + 1 other recommendation
Two (2) Certified Passport Size Photographs for directors/managers
Identification (National ID/Driver's License/Passport) for directors/managers
Pro-forma Invoices of the items to be financed
Last three (3) months Bank Statements
Completed Application Form (Form is provided by JNSBL and is attached herewith)
The submission of a business plan is advisable

Application Process

To apply for this loan, a business must access Jamaica National Small Business Loan's website and locate the "BizBoost JNSLB" section found in the "Our Products" section of the website. Then click the "Apply Now" button at the bottom of the page which redirects you to another page in which you can fill out an "Apply For a Loan" form.

Other Information

Loans of $2 million and over will require the possession of a valid tax compliance certificate.

Processing fee is charged upon disbursement of the loan

Get a maximum moratorium of 6 months

Collateral Accepted:
Real Estate
Motor Vehicle
Equipment used in business
Hypothecation of Deposits
Third party guarantee

Jamaica National Small Business Loan Limited

Jamaica National Small Business Loan Limited

JN Bank is Jamaica’s first mutually-owned commercial bank, 100 per cent held by its savers and borrowers.Invigorated with the values and principles of its predecessor, the Jamaica National Building Society, JN Bank is underpinned by nearly a century and a half of rich history and legacy, which it continues to build on as a member of The Jamaica National Group. JN Bank is committed to the success of Jamaicans, through bold initiatives, products and services that instil confidence and create extraordinary experiences.

32 1/2 Duke Street, Kingston

Telephone: (876) 948-7454-5

Whats App #: (876) 295-1298

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