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Creative Arts, Manufacturing, Mining, Tourism, Professional Services

Are you looking to expand an existing business or even start your own enterprise and need affordable financing to take you to that next level? Then EXIM Bank's SME Growth Initiative is the solution for you!

Borrow up to the Jamaican equivalent of US$500,000 to purchase equipment and to improve and upgrade your existing facilities. You may also use the funds for working capital, market research and a portion may even be used for debt financing.

SME Growth Initiative



To be eligible to access this loan, your business must earn less than J$360 million annually with a net worth below J$100 million.
Companies must also be operating in Jamaica and be a part of the productive sector such as export, manufacturing, tourism and related services, creative industries, professional services and the mining & extraction industries.

Documents Required


Application Process

To apply for this loan, a business must access EXIM's website and locate the SME Growth Initiative page and access the Online Loan Application portal located at the end of the page.

This facility can also be accessed through your commercial bank. Ask your Banker how you can access an EXIM Bank Loan through their facility.

Other Information

There is a 6 month moratorium on principal payments only

EXIM's Bank classification for what a Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises is as follows:

The business must be established and operating in Jamaica and a producer of goods or services. Eligible applicants must satisfy at least one of the following:

Total Sales(Annual Turnover) are not to exceed JA$1billion
Number of employees is less than 250 person
Total Fixed and Current Assets is less than JA$300 million


EXIM Bank is Jamaica’s premier trade financing institution and the Caribbean’s first Export-Import Bank. It plays a fundamental role in national development by providing a wide range of financing instruments at competitive interest rates for the country’s productive sector. It aims to assist in the growth of this sector and to contribute to the development of the wider national economy.


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