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Small Business Portal

We understand the time and energy it takes to run a business, leaving most Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) owners too busy to undertake a deep search of options for funding, training, and business support to facilitate growth. SmallBusinessPortal is here to make the search much easier than it has ever been before. Small Business Portal scans the universe of available options and guides businesses to the best resources.

Your gateway to better business advice and practices

Our highest and best aspiration is to become your first stop when you need business support. We have consolidated tons of useful information for your business, ranging from funding options to training opportunities and much more. 

Need financing? We have combed the major financial institutions and listed their current offerings in terms of loans, equity and grants for SMEs here. Browse our listings and see if there are any funding programs that work for you. 

Need training or business tips? We have identified some high-quality trainers whom you can contact directly or if you prefer to simply read through many of their SME business tips at your leisure.

Our COVIDCastJA page is a treasure trove of business knowledge in the form of training videos, detailed memos, and graphics. Dive in and strengthen your overall business acumen with Rochelle Cameron, Nevada Powe and their panel of experts.

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Collaborate with us!

While we do our best to capture as many of the available funding opportunities, trainers, and business support services as possible, it is always possible that we may have missed your amazing offering.


No worries, just fill out this form with the relevant information. After a quick validation process, we will get your information up on the website as soon as possible.

We look forward to growing together. Our economy depends on small and medium businesses and we would like small and medium businesses to depend on us. 

Small Business Portal is powered by the PSOJ AFFP Project and is a collaboration between PSOJ and our social media company Adtelligent


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