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COVIDCastJA Resilience Training

We have recognized that navigating the COVID-19 crisis will be particularly difficult for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs). We have therefore pulled together some of the best advice for SMEs about overcoming these unusual economic times.

Latest Episodes & Resources


COVIDCastJA Ep. 52 - Protecting Your Intellectual Property

You may be sitting on the greatest gold mine, but is it protected? Join in this exclusive discussion with Marcus Goffe - Deputy Director/Legal Counsel, JIPO, Andrea Chung - Co-founder of Kingston Creative and Ronald Young - Attorney at Law, Young Law as we learn all about intellectual property protection.

COVIDCastJA Ep. 51 - Social Media is the New Workplace

Being online is about more than banter. Leverage your influence and grow your business. Join as Dr. Terri-Karelle Reid, Event Host and TV Presenter, Rushane "RushCam" Campbell, Lawyer and Content Creator and Kimberley Lue Lim, GK Foods Global Category Manager share on the whole concept of being an influencer.

COVIDCastJA Ep. 50 - Reopening the Entertainment Industry

Haven't been out in a while? You are not alone. It has been a difficult time for the entertainment industry due to the pandemic. Join as Scott Dunn, Managing Director, Dream Entertainment Ltd and Delano Forbes, CEO, Phase 3 Productions share with us the industry's challenges and what the way forward should be.

COVIDCastJA Ep. 49 - Hidden Issues in Business: Pension Planning

Have you started planning for your retirement? In this episode we learn all about pensions, what they are, the various types that exist and the importance of early planning. You don't want to miss out as Sanya Goffe, President - PIAJ, Attorney-at-law and Antonio Spence, Snr. Assistant General Manager share with us.  Your furture is in your hands.

COVIDCastJA Ep. 48 Will Power: Planning Your Estate Part 2

In this episode we take a look at estate planning with a focus on business continuity while planning for the next chapter of our lives. Join, as Camille Facey, Attorney at law - FaceyLaw and Sophia Dawkins SME Relationship Manager, JMMB break down key concepts and advise us on future-proofing our assets.

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