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COVIDCastJA Resilience Training

We have recognized that navigating the COVID-19 crisis will be particularly difficult for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs). We have therefore pulled together some of the best advice for SMEs about overcoming these unusual economic times.

Latest Episodes & Resources


COVIDCast Ep 43 Data Mining to Support Decisions

In an increasingly digital world, we don't have to get left behind. We are sitting on the greatest gold mine ever - data. Start small and grow your business into the next Amazon using your data as a tool to make informed business decisions. Why not? Watch us on this episode with Raquel Seville, CEO BI Brainz Caribbean and Leslie Lee Fook, Data Transformation Strategist at Incus Services as we discuss Data Mining.

COVIDCastJA Episode 42 - Digital Training

Whether you are looking to explore how to set up an e-commerce business; utilizing Quickbooks for your Invoicing and Accounting, learning how to data-mine to better understand your business or explore ways to use technology to lower your costs and increase your productivity. There are several training options for you and your staff.

Business Productivity Tools #COVIDCast​ Ep 41

We're moving out of the Dark Ages! With an economy as vibrant as our own, it's imperative to revolutionize the ways in which we conduct business! It’s time to go digital. SMEs can find technology to be daunting but the conversation about how tech transforms business needs to be had. This week we will be speaking about Business Productivity Tools, as a lead up to our Let's Go Digital Conference on March, 5th & 6th, 2021.

Embrace Advanced Technologies to Take Your Business to the Next Level 🚀 - COVIDCastJA Episode 40

This week we will explore in great detail all you need to know about e-commerce and payment platforms. We will be sharing interesting ways to automate manual processes within your business. Let’s go deeper into your technological transformation! Let’s look for opportunities to upgrade your business!

Beginning Your Digital Journey - COVIDCastJA Episode 39

We’ve learnt all the basics to incorporating technology into our businesses, all the benefits and why it's absolutely crucial at a time like this. So where do you start? In previous weeks we've explored critical resources that you'll need to advance your business and in particular last week we honed in on one of those resources, technology! We looked at all the basic technological elements your business should employ to establish its online presence.

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