Accurate stock-keeping can be a major asset to your business no matter its size. Maintaining stock records allows for clarity and aids the decision-making process. With the Christmas season upon us, things can get chaotic. It's important to find that balance to ensure your business stays afloat and profitable.

Managing Your Inventory This Christmas

How has your favourite business place adapted to the COVID-19 safety protocols? Do they enforce strict mask-wearing and temperature checks before entry? Let’s find out first-hand from businesses who have successfully created, implemented, and enforced COVID-19 protocols to protect their team members and customers. 

Best In Class Industry Response to COVID-19

We are 8 months into this new normal and by now, have come to the realization that COVID-19 is something we will have to live with for some time. This week’s COVIDCastJA will focus on new ways of thinking about the virus, and provide tips to help navigate life under this new normal.

Living with and Understanding COVID-19

This week we will speak about Redundancy. Many SMEs are starting to see that business may not be bouncing back as fast as we had hoped. Temporary layoffs may now have to become permanent. The topic of Redundancy looms large.

Managing Redundancy

Did you know that having a board of directors is not only for large companies? Many startups and small companies alike actually have boards. But why? Is a board of directors important for you to consider for your business?

A well-fitting board can bring a wealth of skills and expertise that your business may need to advance to the next level. 

The Boardroom and The Big Ideas

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We have recognized that navigating the COVID-19 crisis will be particularly difficult for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs). We have therefore pulled together some of the best advice for SMEs about overcoming these unusual economic times.

COVIDCastJA Resilience Training


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