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COVIDCastJA Resilience Training

We have recognized that navigating the COVID-19 crisis will be particularly difficult for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs). We have therefore pulled together some of the best advice for SMEs about overcoming these unusual economic times.

Latest Episodes & Resources


COVIDCastJA Ep. 63 - Making Cannabis Corporate

22 Jul 2021

It's all about perspective. How can we capitalize more on cannabis? Let's get to the root of things with our expert panelists, Dominic McDowell - Cannabis Industry Consultant, The Ganja Consulate - Stephen-Jon Brown, Quality Manager - Jacana, and Felicia Bailey - Director of Research, Development and Communications, Cannabis Licensing Authority.

COVIDCastJA Ep. 62 - Insurance & Risk in Business

15 Jul 2021

Will your business be ready when life happens?  Mitigate against the risks - insure today, for tomorrow. Join in this very timely episode with Christian Watt, General Manager - Marketing & Production IronRock Insurance, and Antonio Spence Senior Assistant General Manager at National Commercial Bank (NCB). 

COVIDCastJA Ep. 61 - Curfew Relaxed: Reopening & Re-pivoting your Business

8 Jul 2021

The clock is ticking. Is your business ready to capitalize on the relaxed curfew hours? Join as we hear tips & testimonials from Gariel Ferguson - Chef/Restauranteur, Rib Kage, Melanie Graham - Director, Palace Amusement and Dr. Garth Rattray-Managing Director, Caduceus Ltd.

COVIDCastJA Ep. 60 - Real Estate Investments & Opportunities Part 3: Construction & Availability

1 Jul 2021

Nail it this time with key construction tips. Tune in with His Worship the Mayor of Kingston, Senator Cllr. Delroy Williams, Sandra Lyn, Senior Customer Relations Officer - NCB, Desmond Sicard, Chief Strategic Officer - FCJ and Gordon Webster, GM Technology & E-channels - Hardware and Lumber Limited.

COVIDCastJA Ep. 59 - Real Estate Investments & Opportunities Part 2: Mortgages

24 Jun 2021

Landing your home - checked. Now is the best time to own your own home, but are you ready? Join as we learn about property financing strategies such as mortgages with Owen Ferguson, Branch Manager at JMMB Bank-Knutsford Branch, and Camesha Samuels-Smith, Marketing and Sales Officer at the National Housing Trust (NHT).

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