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Get to know the most common solutions

These technology solutions can help take your business transition into the digital space. Find the perfect solution for you and your business.

Basic Technology Infrastructure

Refers to the system of hardware, software, smart devices and applications, equipment and network resources that facilitates and supports basic business processes, operations and functions.

Estimated Cost
Data Backup
Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, DropBox, Acronis, BackBlaze
Free or up to $200 annually
Personal Computer (Laptop or Desktop) & Valid Operating System
PC Brands – HP, Dell, Acer, Apple, Lenovo. OS – Windows 10, Apple MAC OS
$500 - $1200
High Availability/ Disaster Recovery
Two modems; One from Flow and another from Digicel
JMD$4,000 - JMD$12,000 per month, per network provider
Flow or Digicel Broadband Plans
JMD$4,000 - JMD$12,000 per month, per network provider
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Data Mining & Company Reports

Data mining is the search, analysis and transformation of large, computerized data to find patterns and trends to evaluate, reorient and solve problems. Learn to present data in new ways in company reports and documentation.

Estimated Cost
HR Applications
BambooHR, Oracle HCM, Namely, HR PLUS, Epic HR
$20 - $40/month per user
Business Intelligence
Tableau, Microsoft Power BI, R
$10-$70 per month
Information Governance, Security Assessment Recommendation, and implementation
Required IT Governance, Security, Business Continuity , Policies , procedures to be implemented
$1K to $10K
Data Protection Act change assessment recommendation and implementation
Required DPA Governance, Polices, procedures to be implemented
$1K to $10K
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E-Commerce, Sales and Delivery

A lot can go wrong in selling. Be more effective, efficient and understand how to differentiate, attract customers and build support for your company initiatives. E-commerce scales this up by going online. Learn the process of selling online, the various platforms and the management required. If your product can be delivered, learn the process of delivery, service culture and quality as well the various courier, bearer and delivery services to reach your customers.

Estimated Cost
Portable POS
NCB, Scotiabank & Sagicor and Payment Service Provides
Installation $100, Transaction fee base 1 to 4 %
Online Banking
Bank Online Banking Websites or Apps
$0 to access Transaction Fees may apply
Payment Gateway & Ecommerce Platforms
Stripe, PayPal, WiPay, Square
Charged per transaction, varying rates
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Management and Logistics

Management requires planning, decision making, organizing, leading, motivation and controlling human resources, financial, physical, and information resources of an organization to reach its goals efficiently and effectively. Logistics involves the detailed organization, management and implementation of complex operations such as demand planning, inbound and outbound transportation, fleet management, warehousing and inventory management.

Estimated Cost
Amazon Web Services, Google
online $100 to $500 monthly. On premise: $6K
Collaboration & Project Management
Asana, Slack, Trello, Zoho, Monday
Free – $45/month
Pay Roll Systems
Turbo Pay Biz Pay
$10/month per user
Accounting Packages
Quick Books, Sage , Freshbooks, Zoho
$12-$25 /month
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Marketing and Communications

Marketing is the action or business of promoting and selling products or services, including market research and advertising. Communication is a key component in marketing that involves the creation of messages and narratives through various media.

Estimated Cost
Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet
$15-$40/month (Zoom) Teams included in Microsoft 365; Google Meet (Free but limited ability)
Google – Gmail Microsoft – Outlook
Free Hosted Mail - $6-$10/user/month
Electronic Document/File Management
My Documents; OneDrive; Google Drive
Free OneDrive included in Microsoft 365 package
Engage with Website Developer; Create your own simple site via Wix or GoDaddy templates
Do It Yourself for up to $50/year
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Technology Training

Learn how to utilize and leverage technology, which includes various smart devices, equipment, software, applications and the internet to your advantage as a business in order to grow, excel and acquire access to more opportunities.

Estimated Cost
Learning Management Solution
KnowB4, TalentLMS
$10 - $20 per month
Ecommerce Business Courses
Udemy, Coursera, Edex
$50 to $200 per year
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