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The PSOJ AFFP Project

Small businesses are the backbone of any growing economy, yet in Jamaica, they struggle to grow. This is mainly due to lack of access to sufficient funding and business training. The aim of this project is to dramatically transform the ecosystem to foster the growth of small businesses in Jamaica.


We have identified 10 key factors required to create a healthy ecosystem for small and medium enterprises (SMEs).


Through workshops and bringing all stakeholders together, we can collaborate and break through the barriers that are hindering our growth and development. Let’s grow our small businesses, and make Jamaica, the land we love, the best place to live, raise a family and do business in.

10 Key Factors

Ten Factors for a Healthy SME Ecosystem











How the AFFP Pivoted

We saw the devastating impact COVID-19 had on people and businesses. It made us realized we had to adapt quickly. We came up with a plan that worked for us and that you can use to adapt your own businesses to life during and after the pandemic.

10 Critical factors for busienss to overcome COVID-19

Strategic Partnerships for the Future

The success of this effort is largely dependent on the continued support of the key stakeholders in this venture.

Jamaica Bankers Association

Jamaica Bankers Association

MSME Alliance

The MSME Alliance

Jamaica Chamber of Commerce

Jamaica Chamber of Commerce

Development Bank of Jamaica

Development Bank of Jamaica Limited

Jamaica Business Development Corporation

Jamaica Business Development Corporation

Jamaica Co-op Credit Unions League

Jamaica Co-operative Credit Unions League

Small Business Association Jamaica

Small Business Association of Jamaica

Ministry of Industry, Commerce, Agricult

Ministry of Industry, Commerce, Agriculture and Fisheries

Jamaica Micro-Financing Association

Jamaica Micro-Financing Association

Jamaica Association of MicroFinancin

Jamaica Association of Micro-Financing




Jamaica Manufacturers and Exportation Association

Our Sponsors

Signed. Sealed. Delivering.

The declaration of intent which was signed brings together our commitment to deliver progress to the MSMEs of Jamaica.

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Declaration of Intent For PSOJ AFFP Project- Small Business Portal


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