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Crossing the Chasm

The Road to Economic Recovery Conference

On August 14th 2020, the PSOJ had a first in the world national conference on how to deal with the Economic Fallout of Covid-19. Thought leaders in the public and private sector came together to share ideas on how we will Cross the Chasm: The Road to Economic Recovery. It was a jam-packed all-day agenda filled with intense creative thinking about the way forward.

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Section Recaps 

The Regional Economy's Response to COVID-19

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Opening Remarks & Overview

      Mr. Keith Duncan - President, PSOJ - Starts at 0:00

  • Where are we now?

  • Why bring these stakeholders together?

  • What does the PSOJ hope to achieve?

  • The Agenda

Regional Response

      Mr. Henry Mooney - Economic Advisor, IDB - Starts at 20:56

  • Regional Impact overall and key industry sectors affected.

  • Programs and Policies that appear to have been most effective in saving key industries.

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Shape of the National Recovery

      Dr. The Honourable Nigel Clarke - Minister of Finance and the Public Service, Ministry of Finance - Starts at 37:29

  • What does it mean to have a V, U, W, L, J recovery?

  • What shape are we likely to see in the overall economy?

  • Will the shape of the recovery differ by sector?

  • What does the shape of the recovery imply about Tax Revenue?

  • What does the shape of the recovery imply about Foreign Exchange?

  • What has the Government already done for the economic recovery?

  • What tools and policies can be deployed going forward?

  • What is required of the Private Sector to support the Recovery?

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Liquidity & Forbearance, BOJ Responses

      Mr. Richard Byles - Governor, BOJ - Starts at 1:13:21

  • Overview of 4 key variables: Liquidity, Foreign Exchange Reserves, Exchange Rate, Inflation.

  • Why do these 4 variables matter to BOJ and Jamaica?

  • What are the current major concerns with each of these 4 variables?

  • What are we currently seeing with respect to these variables?

  • What has the BOJ response thus far been to positively impact/ manage these variables?

  • What tools can be deployed going forward and when will BOJ deploy them?

  • What is required of the Private Sector to support the Recovery?


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