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Learn how to choose the right technologies for your business.

Leave this conference knowing how to:

Reduce your business costs

Improve engagement with customers and suppliers

Improve your workflow and efficiency

Increase your employee skillset

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Want to learn all about the conference?

Find out what happened, learn about the speakers, moderators and topics discussed - all in a small, convenient booklet.


It's worth your time.

Conference Speaker


Tune in to hear interesting, knowledgable speakers on a variety of topics merging business and technology

Online Course


Learn about local, affordable and effective technology solutions to support your digital journey

Yen Bills and Coins


Development Bank of Jamaica (DBJ) voucher support that grants up to JA$200,000 to help your business obtain technology solutions


March 5, 2021

9:00 am - 5:00 pm


March 6, 2021

9:00 am - 12:30 pm


Let's Go Digital Virtual Conference

Extensive discussions with a variety of experts on how technology can improve your business. Websites, E-Commerce, Invoicing & Accounting Tools; Optimizing Social Media, Data Mining for better decisions and much much more. Join us for a mix of panels, conversations and presentations in easy to understand language. Open to all who are curious to learn. Assumes no previous technology training.

Virtual Booth Expo & DBJ Application Support

Opportunity for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) to interact directly with technology providers who will demonstrate how their technology solutions can transform any business. In addition, DBJ Application support workshop where SMEs can apply for grant vouchers up to $200K towards technology purchases.

Section Recaps 

Let's Go Digital Day 1 (Pt. 1)

Hosted by Ms. Rochelle Cameron, Chief Project Executive, PSOJ AFFP

Welcome & Opening Remarks

The Honourable Daryl Vaz - MP. Minister of Science, Energy and Technology. - [Starts at 1:38]

  • Jamaican Future is Digital

  • Increasing Broadband Nationally

  • Government Services Go Digital

The Impact of Technology on Education

The Honourable Fayval Williams - MP. Minister of Education, Youth and Information - [Starts at 9:11]

Why Go Digital?

Mrs. Nadeen Matthews Blair - General Manager/ Chief Digital & Marketing Officer, NCB - [Starts at 27:20]

  • Why Should MSMEs Go Digital?

  • Where Should Jamaica be by the End of 2021?

  • How NCB Supports Digital Transformation

Embracing Technology to Improve Your Business

Mr. Sheldon Powe - CEO, Innovative10x - [Starts at 47:53]

  • Better Marketing & Increase Sales

  • Lower Operating Costs

  • Improved Decision Making

Basic Technology Solutions for MSMEs

Mr. Neil Abrahams - CEO, Innovative Corporate Solutions Ltd. - [Starts at 1:05:29]

  • Hardware (Desktop Vs. Laptops; Memory Requirements)

  • Operating System Software

  • Email & Antivirus

MSMEs Go Digital: The way to Reducing Costs, Managing Risk and Leveraging the Remote Workplace

Mr. Cristian Encina - Modern Workplace Product Marketing Manager for SMEs, Microsoft - [Starts at 1:29:08]

  • Vendor license cost consolidation

  • How can SMEs save money and manage risk

Optimizing Digital Marketing

Mr. Craig Powe - CEO, Adtelligent - [Starts at 1:47:10]

  • Trends in social media usage since 2020

  • How to approach Digital Marketing as a small business

  • Alternative Marketing Platforms

Ms. Kristia Franklin - Owner, Tia the Clothes Girl - [Starts at 2:05:05]

  • The importance of having an online presence.

  • The benefit of marketing your own products and being a knowledge base.

Data Mining & Improved Decision Making

Mr. Leslie Lee Fook - Data Transformation Strategist, Incus - [Starts at 2:15:48]

  • Data Literacy as the new computer literacy.

  • Focusing on the ‘why’ instead of the ‘how-to’.

  • We are competing at a Global Level.

Ms. Raquel Seville - CEO, BI Brainz, Caribbean

  • What is Data Mining?

  • How is it Useful for MSMEs?

  • Examples of How MSMEs Improve their Decision Making with Data Mining

Business Productivity Tools

Mr. Jordan Baskett - CEO, CRMmetry - [Starts at 2:48:27]

  • Customer Relationship Management

Ms. Kenesha Brown - CEO, Bosom Consulting - [Starts at 3:04:30]

  • Project/ Tasks Management & Productivity

Ms. Nayana Williams - CEO, Lifespan - [Starts at 3:20:34]

  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) MSME Case Study

Running Your Business from Home

Ms. Berlitz Maldonado - Product Director, B2B Connectivity and Security Product Management, C&W Business/ Flow Business - [Starts at 3:52:50]

Data Security & Managing Customer Information

Mr. Andrew Nooks - Director of Efficiency and Growth, Symptai - [Starts at 4:08:20]

Mr. Clive Beckford - Manager, Lab Services, Innovate10x

  • What is the Data Protection Act and how it applies to small businesses.

  • Compliance tips from the General Data Protection Regulation Law.

The Digital Journey Roadmap

Mr. Christopher Reckord - CEO, tTech - [Starts at 4:29:20]

  • The Pathway from Basic Infrastructure to Advanced Digital

  • The Digital future is now

  • The Elements of a winning digital transformation framework.

  • Why businesses struggle to maximize their digital potential

  • The importance of partnerships for sustainability.


Mr. Gregory Peart - Product & Portfolio Manager/ Acquiring, Payment Services Unit, NCB - [Starts at 4:47:29]

  • E-Commerce Requirements & Capabilities

  • Benefits of e-commerce and how it can be applied to MSMEs.

Mrs. Janelle Pantry - Founder, Spaces Jamaica - [Starts at 5:00:10]

  • Payment Platforms

  • The benefits of going cashless and the importance of doing so in today’s market.

Website & Email

Ms. Kevoy Jackson - Marketing Officer, RealDecoy - [Starts at 5:14:18]

  • Websites & Email Marketing - What will you need to consider?

  • Why is email marketing so important?

  • Reporting & Analytics

  • Creating your website and things to consider.

Point of Sale and Inventory Management

Mr. Cordell Mullings - CEO, Attention to Detail Company Ltd. - [Starts at 5:56:52]

  • What is a Point of Sale (POS) System?

  • How can a POS system help me to manage my business?

  • The importance of having a digital database for your business.

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