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Jamaica Stock Exchange e-Campus

Jamaica Stock Exchange

Founded in 2010, the JSE e-Campus is committed to providing professionals across the various sectors that the Jamaica Stock Exchange (JSE) serves, with transformational career development training. We empower professionals to put theory into practice! A process that we call experiential learning. Upon completion of training, individuals are fully prepared to go straight into their dream jobs or return to their current jobs to provide increased performance. The e-Campus is an accredited institution that attracts a community of extraordinary students and faculty. It offers an extensive suite of learning and development programs and employs the best training practices to allow the development of a deep understanding of core financial theory and financial market interdependencies. Holders of a JSE e-Campus Professional Certificate are desk-ready, steeped in subject matter expertise and equipped with the practical skills in order to deliver in the roles of their choice. The JSE e-Campus is dedicated to upholding the integrity and high-quality standards of its programs while ultimately fulfilling its consumers’ needs.
At e-Campus, we make education accessible, inexpensive, and flexible, through a blended medium face to face and online. The core focus is connecting teachers directly with learners to create a personalized teaching and learning experience. Students are able to read content, view e-books, do tests and other exercises relating to a specific course. Sessions are interactive and engaging to create the best learning environment for each student.

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Jamaica Stock Exchange e-Campus


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