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The State Of Remote Work


When 2020's global pandemic hit without warning, many companies made the sudden shift from a centralized model where almost everyone gathered in the office to a fully remote or blended model, where their networks, tools, data, and teams were tested as never before.

As employees scattered to dining rooms, garages, bedrooms, and home offices around the world, that sudden switch to remote work created massive gaps:

  • Sensitive data was exposed to skyrocketing cybersecurity risks.

  • Home networks chugged along or buckled under unprecedented workloads.

  • Employees found themselves cut off from the tools and files they needed to work.

  • Coworkers struggled to collaborate and connect while juggling homeschooling, caring for sick family members, dodging piles of laundry, and competing for desk space with roommates or partners.

Young afro lady working from home with her laptop in her lap on the couch.
Working from home brought alive the need to find the right spot to be productive.

In the midst of this, our research has revealed a silver lining that will transform business in 2021 and beyond. Business leaders and employees are resilient, and in adapting to factors largely outside their control, they've embraced a new way of working: "the anywhere office."


As business leaders imagine this workplace of the future, it's clear that remote work will continue to be a crucial part of the new blended office. But now, companies everywhere have an opportunity to take what's worked in 2020 and elevate it. A way of working in the cloud that we believe has powerful potential to close the gaps in security and productivity while creating a more human workplace.

We've included a full guide to introduce you to the future of work so that you can get started efficiently running all parts of your work from anywhere.

You can submit the form below to get access to the guide.


Our thanks to Microsoft for providing this resource for all SMEs to benefit from. You can learn more about the Microsoft Service offerings in the Caribbean by visiting their website, at

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