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What An SME Needs To Operate Their Business

These are the 4 critical pillars of any business' operations. Get these right, and you're on being ready for business growth.

Human Resources

  • Employment Contracts

  • Job Descriptions

  • Employee Handbook (rules that govern employees while at work)

  • Employee Onboarding Process

  • Employee Evaluation Procedures

  • The “Ideal” employee for your company

  • Company Value - why employees should want to work for you


  • Company Policies

  • Security Procedures both Online and Offline

  • Credit Policy for customers

  • Requirements for suppliers - eg. number of years in business, certain certifications, tax compliant etc.

  • Standard Operating Procedures (the documented process of how each job is performed)

  • Accounting Software eg. Quickbooks

  • Payroll Software eg. Interactive Payroll Solutions

  • Inventory System (if applicable to your type of business)

  • Keep an updated list of all Company Equipment

  • Compliance

  • Ensure you remain tax compliant

  • Ensure you know the regulations relevant to your industry - license renewals


  • Website

  • Social Media Pages eg. Facebook, Instagram

  • Brand Document (this would include things like your logo, brand colours, any special fonts etc.)

  • Marketing Plan (include your value proposition, what makes you the best choice for your customers, how are you different from your competitors?)


  • Company Documents - Certificate of Incorporation, Articles of Incorporation, Tax Compliance Certificate (TCC), Any licensing documents required for your business eg. bar license, manufacturing license etc.

  • Company Insurance - for your building and your business

  • Strategic plan for your business

  • Join the organisations relevant for your business - PSOJ, JMEA etc.

  • Data protection and data security - ensure any customer information is secure and you have all company information backed up to a server, external hard drive or cloud service.

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